Skydrive integration with Windows explorer

I have been an user of Skydrive from it’s early days but I have always found it’s like of integration with Windows Explorer an annoying an limiting aspect of the product. Live Mesh does a great job of providing integration but it’s online space is limited. I expect that we will see those services merge sometime in the future. I had started to create an explorer integration with SkyDrive when I ran across a program called Gladinet, . They have a product that allows to you access Skydrive as a virtual drive. You can also use Amazon S3 which I haven’t tried yet but the Skydrive integration works very well. They also have a 64-bit version which I like since I have machines that are x64 and x86. (update:  the 64 bit installer is not a x64 program, it still is a x86 program.  You can verify this by viewing the program under task manager where it shows up as gladinetclient.exe*32) As of this writing I have not been able to get Gladinet to work on W2K8 x64 and I did have some issues installing in on Vista x86 due to IIS 7.0 which I fixed by changing the default port to 8080. I prefer to have IIS running on 8080 instead of 80. The default of 80 always seems weird to me. I like the 8080 default that tomcat uses. (update:  I have been able to get Gladinet to install on my W2K8 x64 machine.  The issue was that Gladinet uses the Web Client service which is not a feature that is on by default in W2K8.  This is easily remedied by installing the Desktop Experience Feature.)

So in summary, here is my success to date on installing Gladinet

OS version status
Vista x86 yes
Win 7 beta build 7000 x86 yes
W2K8 x64 noyes


There is also a drive extension called GMail drive, that I am sure many are familiar with. It is a great tool based off an idea by Richard Jones,, to use gmail as a file system for storage. With Gmail providing 7gb right now and 20mb attachments it can be really useful. The lack of x64 bit support for gmail drive prevented from using it extensively, but it’s a sound extension that I’ve had no problem with. GMail drive also has some terrible warning about possibly not being supported in the future.  Something that I hope Gladinet can avoid.


2 Responses to Skydrive integration with Windows explorer

  1. eric says:

    Thanks for the post; I’m using 2K8 and I was looking for a program just like the one you mentioned- Gladinet.

  2. Sergei says:

    Also, you can try Free SkyDrive Explorer

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